Environmental Quality Management, Inc., is a leading provider of environmental consulting, engineering and compliance, and remediation and construction management services to the industrial, public, and government sectors.  We provide cost-effective and practical solutions to environmental compliance and remediation projects.  We team with our clients to provide a forward looking approach to engineering and compliance solutions that make good business sense, and we offer practical return on investments that keep our clients efficient, competitive, and compliant with applicable regulations.

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EQ in Action

Buffalo River Sediment Remediation Project

EQ is busy working on a $40M task order under its Great Lakes National Program Office Cleanup Services Contract to clean up the Buffalo River in the Buffalo, NY area.  This Sediment Remediation Project in USEPA Region 5 involves the following tasks:

  1. Dredging over 400,000 cubic yards of sediment contaminated with PCBs in the Buffalo River and the City Ship Canal, and disposing of it in a confined disposal facility or an offsite TSCA-licensed landfill.
  2. In situ capping of 10 acres of contaminated sediments.
  3. Habitat restoration of five in-water restoration areas in the Buffalo River and the City Ship Canal.

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EQ's Stormwater Design Team and Stormwater Engineering

EQ has recently expanded its stormwater design team to better serve clients focusing on green infrastructure stormwater engineering. Please see the Stormwater Design Team Flier to learn about our team members and the Stormwater Engineering Brochure to learn about our capabilities.

Health and Safety

EQ is equipped to help clients with workplace safety and environmental, health, and safety compliance. Please see our Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security Auditing brochures for more information.